Janna F., June 29 2022

Get Contract Processing Support That Is Integrated As Tightly As In-House Staff.

Willow now offers processing support right in your LOS system. Whether you are on Lending Pad, Arive, or Calyx, your Willow team can access your loan apps to update the file, drop documents, or make changes to satisfy conditions like updated 1003’s.

We are Lending Pad Certified. Add us as a processor directly in Lending Pad and away we go.

Did you know a processing license for Arive is just $19.95 a month? Spin up a license for us and we can get to work.

Calyx: Add an additional seat, send us your server information, and we can jump in. Most everyone on our team is competent in good-ole Calyx.

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Janna F.

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