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See why Willow Processing is enabling processors to close more loans and increase their income - all from the comfort of their home.

The best workplace for happy processors

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Happy processors = Happy loan officers


  • 60-day guaranteed income
  • Competitive per file
  • OR Salary + per file
  • Create an individual plan to get your pipeline full
  • Only qualified loan officers


  • Setup to team to register and disclose files for you
  • Compliance team to get broker stacking and compliance docs for you
  • All you need to do is take a file from submission to funding

No Sales

  • We provide you with the business and work very hard to onboard new LO’s
  • We don’t require you to sell, you just need to be a really great processor

Get the support you deserve


Willow is designed to give Senior Processors the support they need to close more files and generate a reliable income month after month. Regardless of the market, we have your back. At Willow, you will:

See more files closed each month with our platform's automation.

Not worry about bringing in more business. Here at Willow, we are responsible for keeping your pipelines full because we don't believe operations should have to act as sales people.

Focus only on where your unique knowledge of industry guidelines and financials matter most - submitting loans and clearing conditions. Our Junior Processors take care of many tasks for you.

Generate a higher income for you and your family


The Willow Portal

Our proprietary portal is built to keep our teams organized and provide real-time updates to loan officers. Task checklists and alerts eliminate errors and dropped tasks. We automate many tasks, emails, and workflows. There is no more need for double entry or pipeline status reports on an excel spreadsheet, AND team members can pick up right where another left off.

Our leading work-from-home culture is built on the best communication and collaboration technology available with a personal touch.


Video conferencing for team engagement

Chat tools to keep us connected

Online training and constant availability of team coordinator

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