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Welcome to Modern Processing

The leader in technology, licensing, and service, Willow's processors are fast, reliable, and positive.

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A non-profit to help loan officers quit self-processing

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Welcome To Modern Processing

Incredible Contract Processing for Mortgage Brokers

We Work in Your LOS

We completely integrate with Lending Pad and Arive with our TPP license. In real time, we update your dates and milestones, request documents, deliver a compliance package at the end, and match your 1003 to the final figures in the lender system.

With the Fastest Turn Times

Our turn times are immediate. Anything that comes in before 3pm is turned around same-day. With our automation and teams, we don't wait a day or two like everyone else.

And Long Term Relationships

Our team, technology, and process provide the provide the best and most seamless client experience in the industry. This is paired with a processor dedicated to you for the long term.

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Overseas Processing for Mortgage Companies

Compliant and Licensed

Our support staff is licensed and compliant with the NMLS. Hire processors, LOA's or any other support staff you need working as dedicated staff to your company.


We typically save 50% to 70% on support staff. Companies can ramp up and down quickly in changing markets. There are no added employment costs and benefits.


All of our overseas staff have substantial US-mortgage experience, typically with 5+ years at direct lenders and major banks. This includes knowledge of loan fundamentals (income, credit, and asset analysis), underwriting, and processing.

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Take a short journey with one of the many customers we serve. Like many of our brokers, Stewardship serves its community by educating and guiding people through the mortgage process, aiming to build genuine relationships with their clients.

Stewardship entrusts its mission of serving its customers - with love and wisdom - with Willow Processing. Learn what Stewardship values most about our innovation and modern approach.

Case Study

Hear it from our customers

"I have had an excellent experience with Willow processing. Everyone on the team has been unbelievable in helping me get loans closed and not having to micromanage them. I would recommend them to anybody. I get verbal updates and weekly updates through the system so I always know where the loan files are. Great job team."

Raymond Noble

"Willow processing is the only team you'll ever need. They are extremely tech savy, help create new paths to serve you, create and implement efficiencies, professional, available, and get stuff done. Willow allows our team to focus on the people we serve better by serving us so well."

Matt Curtis

"Finally a processing company that isn't afraid to talk to borrowers, collect info directly and keep everyone up to date. That leaves me more time to sell which is what Mortgage Brokers are supposed to spend most of their time on. I highly recommend Willow Processing."

Tom Micheletti

30+ 5-Star Google Reviews

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Why the personal touch of our team is  is better?

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Chat with us

"I appreciate how fast your team can move. The "one processor" start to finish model is so broken.  I was always concerned that if my processor got busy putting out a fire on a file... who was handling my other ones?  I really value your multi-stage approach."

Jeremy Manert

“The Processor can make or break the relationship with the client and the referral partner.  Willow seems to get this. Their Processors are really trained on how, when and best to connect with the client, helping ensure a positive experience."

Sun Mortgage

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