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Low-cost support staff for mortgage bankers

Willow provides affordable overseas support staff who super charge your mortgage company. Save up to 70% on support costs.

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Highly talented and compliant overseas staffing services

Chose the perfect overseas staff to upgrade your business.

Loan Officer Assistant

Run credit

Calculate income

Request docs

Structure files

Loan Setup

Order title

Order HOI

Condo Certs


Underwriting Support (Jr.)

Initial Review

Generate conditions


Get UW'er approval

Pre-funding (QC)

Final UW review

Certify complete file

Funder coordination


Processing Support (Jr.) / Disclosures


Order Appraisal

Submit to UW

CD and Closing


Intial review

Final review

Jr. UW'er manager

E2E underwrite

Post-close (QC)

UW to investor


Trailing docs

Updating LOS


Social media

Lead management

Contact follow up

Anything else!

Why outsource with quality overseas professionals?


Long term success: CEO's can appeal to all divisions within the company while building a sustainable and profitable business, no matter the macro-environment. Willow helps mortgage companies roll-out a plan without upending valued employees.


Cost reduction: CFO's can achieve significant cost reduction to keep the lights on during tough times, and scale affordably during good times. Produce a healthier P&L for your investors and partners.


Operational excellence: For COO's, outsourcing is more than just taking advantage of low-cost support staff. It is also in exercise in specialization, helping your team run more efficiently. Overseas staff add highly reliable support to your US-based staff.


Buy In: Retain the level of support you require, even when there is less loan volume. For every US-based team member that interacts with borrowers, you can have one or two overseas staff supporting them to do more loans. Recruit new loan officers with your upgraded support model.


Benefit the most: Moving towards overseas support doesn't move your cheese. In fact, it allows you to structure, process, underwrite, and fund more loans as an individual or team.

Case Study

Compliant & Licensed

Willow Processing, LLC is licensed employer in the country of the Philippines. We directly hire (not 1099) employees who meet the criteria of the NMLS in most states and fully compliant with the CFPB. This means overseas labor can structure or process your files at a fraction of the cost.

NMLS and State Compliant

Licensed Employer in Philippines


Our overseas staff come trained by Willow Processing with experience in major systems like Encompass, Calyx, Byte Pro, and Lending QB. All you need to do is train them on your way of doing things, and give them a runway to be successful.


Our overseas staff save mortgage companies an average of 50% - 70% on support costs. Staff is dedicated full-time (40 hours per week), and customized to fit your needs.

US Processor

Cost Analysis

Full Time Monthly Salary

Fringe Benefits (20%+) (insurance, healthcare, overtime pay, management costs, office supplies, etc)

Other expenses (recruiting and training, etc.)

Total hours per year

Total cost per month

Total cost per year

$5,000 + / month

$1,000 + / month (est)



2,080 working hours

$6,000+ per month

$72,000+ per year

Average savings of 65%

No payroll taxes

No non-wage benefits



We recruit talented overseas employees who already have deep experience and knowledge in US mortgage, typically with 5+ years at direct lenders and major banks.

5+ Years Exp in US Mortgage

Experienced Underwriters & Processors

College Educated

Corporate Background

Secured and Managed

Your'e not doing this alone. Willow Processing takes care of the security, compliance, background checks, and management - it's part of what we do to stay compliant, in fact. Want your own layer of security and added requirements? Not a problem.

Background Checks & References

Previous Corporate Work History

VPN, Screen Monitoring, Management Structure

Drive efficiency and reduce cost

Better than the competition

Have a current provider? Well we have better people, period. Overseas staff in the Philippines communicate better and are more knowledgeable than others countries. Our support model is second to none.


Our onboarding is methodical in its approach, including custom tailored roles and job functions.

Your company, your hours

We work with your emails, on your systems, and adhere to your job duties. You have complete authority over what your overseas support staff does. With security and payroll managed by us.

Video ready

Our staff is required to be video ready during working hours with a virtual background with your company logo on it. It helps build relationships and team synergy.


Easily scale resources up and down without having to make difficult decisions as a result of hiring people that are... a little too close.

Onboarding Process

Nothing matters more than execution. That's why we've developed an onboarding that is methodical in it's approach and includes custom tailored roles and job functions to make sure you are getting the right person for the right job.

Meet with subject matter expert


Create checklist and job description


Continuous monitoring for first 60 days