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Our LOA service is just $100 per file. What, no way! Yes way.

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Yep. Willow continues to deliver what loan officers need in a changing market: a low-cost LOA service that delivers the right amount of punch for the price. How is our price so low? For one, we standardize on a few reasonable guidelines 😎

$100 per file for an LOA?

One: We don't communicate directly to borrowers (i.e. you will need to call to collect docs), although we are happy to request documents we need from your POS

Two: You pay up front, not at closing

Three: This is for Lending Pad and Arive users only

Four: Willow must be your designated processing company (including UWM files). We totally understand you might want to process some files yourself, but if you are using a processor, we are your one and only 😍


Here is how it works:




Add us in your loan.

We help organize the documents we need.

This is the fun part. We do it all:

  • Order credit
  • Calculate income
  • Order the VOE
  • Structure the file
  • Gather options
  • Conduct a 15-minute findings call and get you on your way 🔥

Add us to your loan in Lending Pad or Arive and submit a request to us in the same Willow Portal you already know and love 🔥

We send you a list of documents we have, and the ones we still need. Simply check "X" the box next to the documents that we are getting from the borrower and leave unchecked if we can issue a pre-qual without it 🔥

We do an underwriting level pre-qualification.

No way! LOA    for Lending Pad and Arive users

Ok, lets do it!

...with exceptional service.

We keep things fresh at Willow. Behind the scenes we focus on building a culture that appeals to the modern workforce, with its perks and positive vibes... your borrowers will notice!

We are a high touch brokerage and our business relies on referrals and our service to customers. We were concerned about the borrower experience using a third party processor. Our customers routinely tell us how much they enjoyed working with their processor at Willow.

- Paula K., Integrity Financial

$100 per file for a best-in-class LOA experience

Want to use our service but you use another processor? Send them our way!

Willow offers an incredible home for processors trying to find their footing in a difficult market.

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