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Stewardship entrusts its mission of serving its customers - with love and wisdom -  with Willow Processing. Learn what Stewardship values most about our innovative and modern approach.

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Stewardship's Case Study:

Stewardship is a mortgage, insurance, and investment advisory based in Gilbert, AZ. Their mission - to serve their customers with wisdom and love by guiding them through major financial transactions - is not just an empty promise. From top to bottom, Stewardship prides itself on delivering unparalleled customer service. Their team of loan officers are supported by internal staff, including Matt Curtis, Stewardship's Mortgage Transaction Coordinator.

When we first contacted Stewardship, they were skeptical about 3rd party processing providers because of a series of bad experiences. We hosted several virtual meetings to respond to a long list of criteria for evaluating Willow's capabilities. One thing was clear, Stewardship was looking for a partner that was as organized and professional as they were. The solution Willow provided was two fold:

First, we were able to meet their technology requirements:

  • Our Willow Portal delivers real time updates on the status of each file. It also organizes our processors so that balls do not get dropped. Lastly, it allows us to deliver the fastest turn times in the market.
  • We integrated our Willow Portal into Stewardship's backend system so that we could remove the need for double entry. This free'd up an entire 8-hour day every week for their Mortgage Transaction Coordinator.
  • We developed an app to send weekly Loan Status Updates to Stewardship. Loan Status Updates are forwarded to real estate agents on all purchase transactions every Friday afternoon. It is one way Stewardhip's loan officers compete for purchase business.
  • Lastly, we integrated our Microsoft Teams so we communicate as efficiently as their own staff internally.

Second, we were able to meet their personnel and staffing needs:

  • Willow has friendly, energetic, and positive processors. We work hard at building an environment for our processors that encourages a fun and positive culture with the best technology and support they can get.
  • We work in teams of two - a Junior and Senior processor - to ensure that our turn times are low and one person does not get overloaded.

Today, our partnership with Stewardship exemplifies what we strive for: to provide a modern, best-in-class service to best-in-class originators.

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